Elka Floors
  • Posted On 11/04/2013

    Bringing the beauty of nature into your home

    The timeless elegance of a wood floor brings warmth and beauty to every home.

    The variety of styles, colours and species give you a wonderful range to choose from and allows you to put your unique stamp on your living space.

    Our laminate range reflects the beauty of nature, while still maintaining a consistent quality throughout every board. Our real wood engineered and solid ranges use high grade hardwood that has been primarily selected for its hardwearing quality to ensure dimensional stability and long lasting durability.

    The real wood products capture all the rustic qualities of wood and bring the very essence of nature into your home. Each floor board is unique, enriched with naturally occuring characteristics such as knots of various sizes, flared grain patterns, burls, sapwood and mineral streaks. These are characteristics of each species’ individual growth process, and are all influenced by region, sunlight, climate and the soil. There are two types of knots; live knots which showcase the beautiful density of the spiral grain and dead knots which are repaired with a rich coloured filler. Any splits or cracks are filled and add a lively character to the unmistakable quality of a natural product.

    The colour variation within each plank reflects naturally occuring mineral and sapwood streaks and are even further enhanced when stained or treated.